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More than 70 years of experience in technical springs

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Bakker Springs B.V. is specialized in the production of technical springs and spring products made of different types of material.
From heat resistant to acid sensitive: everything is possible with us. Bakker Springs B.V. is based in Groningen, the Netherlands, and is also active worldwide.

Our company aims to increase its position in this market both at home and abroad. The added value of Bakker Springs B.V. is simple 

and clear: 3 times better. Quality, innovation and flexibility.

An innovative company

In addition to supplying products that meet the highest quality requirements, Bakker Springs B.V. also aims to achieve this in accordance with the applicable environmental legislation. This applies to all aspects of operations within the company.

Our personnel is the most important investment at Bakker Springs B.V. Our staff must be able to work safely in a healthy working environment. It is also of great importance that our employees can further develop their skills.

Bakker Springs B.V. aims to focus all efforts of our management and staff on sustainable and respectful relationships with our customers, partners, and suppliers.

Bakker Springs B.V. Products

Bakker Springs B.V. is a global leader in the production of technical springs. We sell springs in all shapes and sizes. You can contact us for industrial springs, hairpin springs, disc springs, protection springs, leaf springs and much more. Take a look at our online catalog now. Here you will find tailor-made springs of the highest quality. Take advantage of our extensive stock today.

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